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6 Weeks to Resilience

An Online Course to help you deal with your emotions and Think Gray in your day-to-day

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6 Weeks to Resilience

A.K.A Dealing with your (emotional) sh*t

6 Weeks to Resilience is an at-your-own-pace online course designed to teach you how to process your emotions. 

You’ll get one video (plus downloadable slides & journal prompts) per week that will help you build your resilience to adversity. Don’t worry if it takes you longer than 6 weeks - life gets in the way, so we’ll give you access to the content for 6 months.  

You can expect:

(1) Lessened intensity of emotional reactions

(2) Greater trust in, and respect for, yourself

(3) A simple framework to help you process emotions and events

(4) Better ability to set and hold boundaries 

Although you cannot stop the tide coming in, you can strengthen yourself against the waves you’re hit with.

Others have said:

“6 weeks to resilience is an absolute game changer. Short episodes that are easy to listen to and always end with a goal and objective. Being able to understand emotions and learning to accept that feeling sad or angry isnt a 'bad' thing.

It has changed my perception and my ability to handle my negative thoughts that otherwise would just have overwhelmed me. 

Thank you Sophie, this course has changed me for the better ♥️” - N.R.

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